If you're not yet aware of the popular crayon drip art, it's a craft in which you melting crayons on a canvas and there are hundreds of people doing it. Some people have taken unique approaches to melting the crayons onto a canvas, but they all involve heating a crayon and dripping it onto some type of medium. I have even seem some people mold the crayons into different shapes. To be completely honest, I've always wanted to do this because it just seems like fun and it looks pretty cool, but I've never gotten around to it.

Recently, though, I was sharpening some crayons (if you've never used a crayon sharpener, they are incredibly fun!) and found that the shavings look pretty cool. In fact, they look even better when I arranged them by color in a grid-pattern! This took some time, but I got a few shots of the arrangement.

Crayon Shaving Scatterplot
Rainbow of Crayon Shavings

Attempting to stay true to the spirit of crayon drip art, I did try to melt the shaving in order to attempt to contribute to the over-saturated crayon drip art fad, but I must say that I failed miserably.

Crayon Art Melted Shavings

I prefer the pre-melted state of the shavings; I just wish I knew of a way to effectively preserve and display it. At least I was able to get some photos of it with studio lighting. I have to say that this little project turned out to be a lot of fun and it only took an hour or two.